Gebäudebild des Anbieters von Netzschläuchen, Schutzmatten und Kegelwischern

Who are we?

NETZSAVE is a business segment of the company dk FIXIERSYSTEME GmbH & Co. KG located in Reutlingen, Germany. Alongside the “Fixating Systems” division, we have been on the market since 1972 as your proven specialist for protective nets for the transport, storage and cleaning of parts and tools.


At the same time, the taper cleaner / taper wiper product range was included into this field characterised by precision and faultlessness: Highest quality internal and external cleaners for machine spindles and tool adapters.

Our personal always put our customers needs first and are continually further developing the product portfolio. We respond flexibly to your requests and are happy to work with you to find a solution to your needs.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 – every product is subjected to our seamless QA system. 

What is our expertise?

NETZSAVE focuses on solutions for industry and production with storage and transport protection nets made of various plastics.

The cleaning products consist of product lines which are used for cleaning tapered and cylindrical surfaces.

A responsible approach to the environment is very important to dk FIXIERSYSTEME, which is why all NETZSAVE products are fully recyclable. They can be mechanically recycled (re-granulation of plastic), chemically recycled (chemical breakdown to recover the base substances) or used for energy generation through combustion. The environmental awareness of the cleaning elements is based on an extremely long service life due to the possibility of repeatedly washing the cleaning fleece.

The NETZSAVE products are highly technical items, both for the protective nets and for the cleaning elements, which guarantees an excellent price-performance ratio due to the serviceability and longevity of the products: even if they are by-products of our customers in terms of procurement, it is true for both segments that a cheap solution is ultimately the more expensive one. This applies to non-elastic protective nets or combined wood and leather cleaners with reduced dimensional accuracy and absorbency.

The advantages of LDPE protective nets are the particular softness and elasticity of the material. Depending on the requirements, we use LDPE, MDPE or HDPE for our protective mats. Our PP protective mats are especially suitable for high temperatures and PP mats have excellent chemical resistance – ideal for use in e.g. cleaning systems. We have developed slip resistant mats for EVA applications.

The cleaners are in form and materials of body and cleaning strips, perfectly matched to the task. This makes them highly effective and practical.