Protective net caps

Protective caps

Netzschutzschlauch zum Schutz von hochwertigen Teilen

Our thread protection caps protect sensitive products from external influences during production, transport and storage. The protective caps have a wide rounded opening, which facilitates the insertion of the object to be protected. The double-layer net sleeve provides perfect protection and elasticity. A secure retention of the plastic cap can be guaranteed due to the closed, rounded protective end. The protective cap end also prevents scratches or other damage to any points on the products.

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NETZSAVE protective caps have an overall length of 80 mm, whereby the internal effective length is ca. 70 mm. To ensure optimum protection, you should consider the diameter of your products when ordering. We offer you two different versions to ensure that the thread protection caps fit securely. The orange protective caps have an internal diameter of 10 mm and are suitable for product diameters of 4 – 10 mm. The blue protective caps have an internal diameter of 15 mm and are suitable for product diameters of 10 – 15 mm. If you are looking for suitable surface protection for larger products, we recommend our Protective net sleeves.

Application sectors for surface protection caps

Net protective caps are mainly used in industrial sectors as point and thread protection. Among other things, the caps protect the male threads from scratches and other damage. They can also be used as transport and final packaging. The thread caps also provide optimum protection during production, internal logistics and storage.  In addition, they protect sensitive medical devices during storage and sterilisation. As instrument protection caps they are therefore often used in surgeries or medical practices.

Netzschutzkappen in orange und blau zum Schutz von hochwertigen Teilen
Netzschlauch in orange
Netzschutzkappen als Spitzen- und Gewindeschutz von Osteosynthese-Nägel und anderen hochwertigen Teilen