Shaft combs

Shaft combs

Wellenlagersysteme wie Wellenkämme, zur Stapelung runder Teile

NETZSAVE offers a special corrugated polyethylene construction for the storage of shafts and other cylindrical parts. 2 shaft combs per product row are required for this storage system. To use, first place the two shaft combs on the storage location, with the end pieces pointing upwards. Make sure that you choose a suitable clearance where the product being stored can protrude a few centimetres above the corrugated structure. This makes it easier for you to remove the product from the shaft comb later. Once you have positioned the two corrugated supports accordingly, you can then lay your workpieces in the notches. If you want to store another row of products, you can stack additional shaft combs on top. In the second layer, the end pieces of the storage construction should point downwards, so that per stacked row the corners point in the opposite direction.

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So that we can offer you the appropriate storage system for each of your products, we have three different sizes of shaft combs in our range. These differ in diameter and the available number of storage prisms. All three sizes have an overall length of 73.9 cm They can also be easily stacked on top of each other.

We also offer our guide frame as a practical accessory. This enables the corrugated supports, including stored parts, to be secured on whole or half pallets.

Customised sizes

Due to our extensive stock we can offer you a fast and safe delivery. Together, we can find a custom-made solution for your individual requirements that is optimally adapted to your products. Please complete our Contact form and we will contact you.